No report without survey

Our firm specializes in the preparation of expert reports and the technical, ie substance-related evaluation of all machines, production facilities and company facilities in your company. Before each expert review we perform a physical inventory and inspection, so that the existing assets are evaluated based on the actual facts – in technical, economic and legal terms.

Our evaluations and appraisals are the basis of a wide range of business decisions, for example for the correct coverage in case of loss, for financing, for tax purposes as well as for the relocation of entire companies or parts of their operations.

A second important focus of our work is the settlement of insurance claims within an expert procedure. Here we are regularly called by insurance corporations and companies affected by an insurance claim due to e.g. fire. The focus of our work is the correct assessment of the damage and the fast and fair settlement of claims.

Questions about the relocation of entire plants or individual production facilities arise for a number of different reasons. For example, the public sector often focuses on the question of relocation costs if land is needed for public construction projects like highways or housing projects etc. These costs are calculated and evaluated by us. Our appraisals are thus the basis for the determination of compensation payments.

When relocating individual production facilities or machines, the focus is often on intra-group transactions involving subsidiaries abroad. Here we are commissioned by our customers with the evaluation of the affected machines for tax purposes etc.

We provide our services in Germany and throughout Europe.