Experts for the appraisal of machinery and technical equipment – Your Partner in all matters relating to your corporate values.

Our surveyor office specialises in the appraisal of machinery, production plants and technical equipment as well as the management of fire-damages and property damage.

Enterprises, Insurance companies and municipalities commission us with the preparation of valuation reports for the determination of the sum insured, for corporate transactions and business relocations.

An emphasis of our operations is the assessment and settlement of damages, especially after fires. Our expertise is sought after by private companies and insurances in order to achieve a fair and fast settlement of claims.
The appraisal of machinery, plants and enterprises depends on the evaluation purposes. Our surveys are customized on our clients and their particular needs.
For our customers we are sparring partner and counsellor in all evaluation matters.

We work discreetly outwardly, openly and sincere inwardly and always result-oriented.

For more than four decades, our experience and expertise has been valued by regional SMEs as well as international corporations.
We deliver more than just data. An appraisal is preceded by a physical inventory of the machines and technical equipment to be evaluated. With our appraisals and the resulting recommendations for action, we provide you with decision-making aids and support you after the conclusion of the assignment.

The EU certification according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024 (experts for the evaluation of machinery and technical equipment) proves our expertise.

Flexibility, precision and reliability are our strengths. In the event of damage or in tight schedules, we are immediately on hand and represent your interests and those of your company to all involved parties professionally and reliably.

Our reports meet the highest quality standards in the industry. We guarantee with our name for the correctness of our work.



for industrial companies, production and commerce

  • Minimise risks: Lower your risk of underinsurance for your property. In times of dramatically rising insurance premiums, however, you shouldn‘t overpay for your property insurance either.
    With our appraisal reports you can ensure that your machinery and technical equipment are insured „pitch perfect“ at all times.
  • Secure market share: Growth and expansion often require high financial resources and an excellent basis for negotiations. With a market value appraisal of your machinery and equipment you are able to negotiate financial potential. Within M&A transactions, our evaluations are used to determine purchising prices and assess risks.
  • Avoid stress with the tax man: Opening balance sheet values, provisions for dismantling, internal transactions – in a business context the question often arises of how such business transactions are to be handled in a “tax-proof” manner. The values determined by us are recognized by the tax authorities.

for industrial insurers and insurance broker

  • Reduce liability risks: Consulting towards the correct amount of cover and protection against unwanted risks (underinsurance! cover gaps!) are elementary tasks of an insurance broker.Your are not only liable to your customer with your reputation but also regularly in court. We assist you and your customers to eliminate such risks.
  • Increase customer loyalty: Expertise in relation to existing and new insurance customers is based, among other things, on an exact assessment of the risks to be insured.We are available as a sparring partner with our appraisals and determine the correct insurance value for machinery and technical equipment.

for municipalities and state authorities, public and private developer

  • Planning and legal security: Complex infrastructure and construction projects are often accompanied by extensive relocations of commercial operations in order to obtain the required property. With our – court-proof – relocation reports you receive reliable plannung and legal certainty with regard to the feasibility, the associated costs and compensation payments.

What you can expect from us:

  • Current values, market values, new or replacement values and insurance values of your machinery and technical equipment – depending on the task.
  • Asset valuations for machinery and equipment according to IRFS Lending value.
  • Relocation appraisals in accordance with the Compensation Act.
  • Appraisals in accordance with EU Regulation EU 575/2013 (CRR, Basel III).
  • Are you operating internationally? No problem – so do we! You will receive internationally recognised reports in german or english.
  • Decades of experience as evaluation experts in handling property damages in industrial claims.
  • Tax- and Court-proof reports.
  • Best references. We are commissioned by insurance companies, insurance brokers, municipalities, state authorities, tax consultants and auditors and of course enterprises of all sizes.
  • Real estate and machine appraisals from a single source in cooperation with the real estate appraiser Wagner & Partner, who specialises in trade and industry.
  • Quick answer: Do you have any questions or would you like an offer? Contact us by e-mail (contact form), by phone +49 40 602 13 33 or check our FAQ.