Evaluations I Surveys

  • Optimisation of the insurance sum of your company
  • The spinoff or incorporation of a division
  • The purchase or sale of a division or enterprise
  • Strategic financial management e.g. loans and securing a loan
  • Sale and lease back or asset backed securities

Challenge: Insurance Sum

The aim of the new value determination is first and foremost the determination of your correct insured sum. On the basis of our reports we calculate for you precisely the correct sum insured for all of your technical and commercial equipment.

This ensures that your company does not run the risk of underinsurance or pay unnecessarily high insurance premiums due to overinsurance.

We advise our clients to review their insurance amount every 5 years in view of continuously changing conditions (purchase / sale of machinery, wear and tear, inflation development etc.).

Especially assembly costs and in-house services are often forgotten when valuing  facilities This can lead to substantial deficits in coverage. Underinsurance

Practical example Underinsurance

A company from the food industry owned a machine park with a high proportion of self-made and modified machinery. The evaluation revealed, that the insurance sum was set substantially too low and the indemnity period for business interruption coverage was too short. In the event of a claim the special nature of certain machines would have caused a prolongation of replacement as well as a rise in cost.

In collaboration with the insurance broker both the sum insured and indemnity period were adjusted accordingly. Seven months later, our client suffered a mayor fire damage, during which almost all machinery on the shop floor was destroyed. Due to the optimization of the insurance sum and the timely analysis of potential consequences of a fire it was possible to resume production in record time.

Formation or conversion of a company

For start-ups, spin-offs of subsidiaries or conversions of company forms you need the time value. The time value of the technical and commercial operating equipment determined by us is mainly used as the opening balance sheet value. Our evaluations are recognised by tax authorities as a basis for valuation.

Many companies entrust us with the evaluation of the substance of entire industrial companies as the basis for acquisition decisions and corresponding purchasing price identifications. We also provide you with court-proof reports regarding the sale of businesses, the payoff of shareholders or in cases of inheritance or donation.

Loans and Conditions

Our market value surveys serve as an argumentation and negotiation aid for discussions with your banks and lenders. Even with the sale of businesses, the payment of shareholders or in the case of inheritance, we prepare you court-proof appraisals.

The determination of the fair market value by an independent expert provides you with a sound foundation for successful negotiations with your bank.

Practical example Loan Value

A bottling plant was planning to build a fully automatic logistics centre at its main production site. In order to optimize the credit negotiations with the house banks, we carried out an evaluation of the machines and equipment and evaluated them at their replacement value and market value.

Thus, the company could use the new value of the facilities to correct the sums insured and use the market value to determine the mortgage lending limit.

Practical example liquidity optimisation and corporate acquisition

An engineering company was planning to improve its financing structure and moreover required in the context of a corporate acquisition additional financial means.

As part of a Sale & Lease Back Initiative we were able to assist the company was able to use the values we identified to leverage hidden reserves and ensure the acquisition while maintaining liquidity.